What my clients say about me.


Glen Foreman

CLEAN SLATE | Property and lawn maintenance

We’ve been coaching ten months. Before coaching I didn’t have that many clients, probably about 12 regulars. I was scraping by on $200 a week. It was hard not being able to pay bills, not having any money for myself at the end of the week, and not knowing where the next job would come from. I needed more work. It wasn’t that great. It’s definitely better now. Now I’ve got tonnes of work. I’m averaging 5x more income. Just upgraded a vehicle. 

You see where you want to be but you continue in the rut that you’re in, and then eventually you snap out of it. You think I’ve really got to make a change here or I’m going to drown. There’s a common saying if you’re gonna do what you’ve always done then you’re gonna get what you’ve always got. I was just in that same cycle of doing what I thought was the right thing everytime. And I wasn’t getting anywhere. With the help of coaching it’s made me realise that I have to knuckle down and have a go at trying something different and sticking to that. 

The affirmation statement was quite helpful. The good thing about an affirmation statement is that you can write one for every aspect of your life. That was encouraging for me. It makes you recall why you started business in the first place.  If you don’t have a why then you’re never gonna get your what. Because of coaching I feel like I have more purpose and clarity. I know I feel more confident in what I’m doing and why I’m doing it and where I’m going with it. I feel more confident in where I’m headed, I feel like there’s a clarity of mind. I want to help people. I wanna see people’s lives changed by doing the ordinary.  I would like to see young people be drawn into working alongside me and to be able to make them work ready for any particular occupation they want. 

Phil Atwood

a & h motors | mechanics

Before coaching I was quite stressed. Things weren’t looking particularly good. We were propping up the business with our personal funds. We got to the point that if we had to prop up the business one more time we were going to run out of money. I could see the problem and I was working harder to fix it, but it wasn’t fixing it. My wife had told me I needed business coaching, but I was procrastinating.  I could see more and more problems, but I wasn’t doing anything about getting help.

The biggest thing that helped at the start was looking at our money coming in and going out. Reviewing our charge out rates. We were being too nice and when I added it up it was costing thousands every year. Documenting our time to see where everyone’s time was going and where we were losing money so we could put a stop to that. One of the things that has been really good for me is talking about what’s happening in my business and sometimes I’ve heard myself say things about how I run my business and it’s sounded really stupid.  It was like an obvious slap in the face and we’ve recognized it and being able to make improvements.

I’m thinking a lot more like a business owner now.  I still do get drawn back into thinking like a mechanic especially when there is no one else to do a job.I’m feeling pretty good about the future. I’m excited about the progress and seeing things progress more quickly.


Graphic designer

This year I took over the business from my husband. I’m a graphic designer, I can do graphic design work, but taking it on as a business seemed like an overwhelming thing to me. I kinda didn’t have any kind of bearings on it. Now I feel like I’ve got a lot more information and a lot more of an understanding about what my business looks like as a business apart from just doing the actual work. Because I’ve got that understanding I feel like I might not be a big graphic design business right now but I know that’s where I could go down in the future. It’s  just given me a few more tools to be confident with where I’m at and to work with the clients I’ve got it now.